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Joey DeYoung - Executive Director

A desire for deeper connection to Greenwood and an interest in the culinary arts brought Joey to The Upper Crust Catering back in 2012.  Within three years, the growing opportunities with Urban Hands and his background in social work led him to accept a new position with this neighborhood-focused and culinary-driven organization.  Creatively and consistently fostering human connection in every aspect of his and Urban Hands work is paramount.

Landon Bennett - Program Director

Landon joined Urban Hands in October, 2017 when he was Project Coordinator for the Sleepless in Seattle drive. He was inspired by the hands-on, caring community at Urban Hands, and is driven by a passion to empower people through food, community, and employment. A native of Redmond, Washington, Landon can be found reading or hiking in his spare time.

Board of Directors

Don Howard - Co-Founder

Don's passion brought Urban Hands to life back in 2007.  It continues today as he pursues the perfection of recipes and joyfully toils in his home garden.

Jim Lustig - Co-Founder

Whether it's starting a new company, going for a run, caring about a complete stranger or long-time friend, Jim is relentless.  He also loves classic cars!

Jeremy Scranton

Jeremy's background in business management provides strategic and critical thinking for our programs, never forgetting the people they serve.

Allison Waddell

A joyful spirit, natural networker, and talented marketer, Aliie is constantly looking for ways to leverage her gifts for the benefit of her community.

Summer Mohrlang

Shepherding Sanctuary Church in Greenwood as well as a beautiful family alongside her husband, Summer models a contagious love for people and place.

Lisa Hernandez

A discerner and spiritual director, Lisa has been offering thoughtful questions and insight into our programs and practices since our inception. 

Jonathan Mitchell

Jon is an amazing father, skilled IT staffer at UW, and a budding entrepreneur.  The common thread is his amazing capacity for attentive and careful listening.

Frank Kircher

Frank is deeply engaged in supporting our programs, using his experience in donor management and oratory to solidify and multiply our work.

Colleen Rowe

As a standout mom and 3rd-year law student, Colleen takes great joy in working alongside others towards positive life-change.

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